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Empire of the Dragon
The Empire of the Dragon leagues ahead of its time regarding technology and sheer size and wealth the empires sole purpose is to insure the survival of the rest of the people of Titania.
The empire has a city dedicated to each profession as far as its main source of training. Additionally each city is designed the same way so that should a citizen wish to change locations he will have an exact copy of his residence in the new destination.
Every citizen is part of the Empirical army. Each citizen is provided  both a GSA and  a SMEOD as part as their citizenship. In addition they receive a citizenship ring and a Ku. Those members whom are not citizens have far less privileges.
A member of the Empire may choose to leave with the option of purchasing any of his Mechs or weapons but not the ring..
The Empire is run first by Shang, then his chamberlin/stewart Odos. A metamorph who takes care of the Empire in Shang’s absence.
Each City is designated a ruler with various military ranking systems to divvy out power and responsibility. Since Shang is aware of betrayal 20 hours before it happens his administration is extremely clean.
Shang also has a number of hidden cities, one in the sky as a huge flying fortress, the other within the crescent mountains surrounding his empire. Additionally Shang has built a Moon and achieved space travel, mostly with the help of xendus, prefabrication and the help of truly dedicated citizens.
His moon base offers all the comforts of home, including self sufficient farms, heating, air, city residence,defences,and capability to leave the orbit of Titania if he desires. This project of course is of the utmost secrecy  and would be beyond the realm of acceptance for most of the planets still medieval lifestyles. Though a few astrologists wonder at the appearance of a new moon.
The empire is both feared and revered for its power, which is tightly maintained. Shang fully intends on moving the majority of his empire to the moon base once the planet is safe from outer planer and undead threat so as not to interfere with the development of the other nations.
The empire enjoys a clockwork, xendus, magic filled existence, which most Players and SM’s alike may find a bit over whelming. This city however offers SM places of opportunities to see and experience things like never before. It will be a Mechaknights dream come true, as well as provide a backdrop for some futuristic themes such as space travel and Time travel. 
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