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Fuling Go Hu
 Fuling Go Hu and the Tower of Shadows While technically referring to a large group of tribes beneath the Tower of Shadows this entry lists the tower as it was built by a strange human known as Fuzbut. This human had a multiple personality disorder in which part of the day he was a healer who would assist the people below his tower, and at night he would terrorize them as a necromancer. In addition to this he was a technical genius who invented a xendus powered item that was said to be able to recreate any magical effect in the world. He also invented the tower of sound for his dwarven bard friend Talon Earth Singer. Fuzbut went in search of the Xendali..a xendus stone so large it wouldn’t fit in a wagon. He was not seen again for almost 500 years. Upon returning to his home he was attacked by an army of undead who stole his great xendus creation. Fortunately he and the tower of sound were rescued and air shipped out of the area.
FuLing Go Hu
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