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Kauldron the Dark city is a sinister and foreboding place surrounded by acidic mists and receiving little sunlight. The lower classes in Kauldron all belong to gangs, while the upper class consist of mostly wizards and other powerful magic users.
Kauldron is the second city founded by Kamodo Sung. It remains her strong hold in case of any unforeseen events in Hydrafel. Her personal city castle dungeon floats above Kauldron hidden by clouds.
On the streets of Kauldron are vast areas of  premarked areas. where in an event or emergency she can teleport all the buildings she saw construction over to.
Kauldron is built on a series of plateaus that some say are unnatural.
Kauldron is a place that few escape from. Even merchants do not enter the city and instead set up trading camps outside the city in order to do business.
Some theorize that half the population might even be undead or demons. Few have entered and returned in order to find out. 
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