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Mage Tech
 MageTech is a city comparable to the empire of the Dragon in technological availability but no where near as organized. In fact there is a 10% chance per trn of getting lost without being escorted by a local native to MageTech. This city is comprised primarily of gnomes who seek to further their fortunes in a world of gears, pipes and levers. MageTech is chaotic at best, loud and amazingly always on the move thanks to giant treads on the bottom of the city. This tread system was the first line of defense in the undead situation. The idea being of course its harder to attack a city when you don’t know where it is. MageTech is also the city where all inventors register their patents. This is a hellish place full of red tape and legal proceedings and mumbo jumbo. Getting an appointment can range anywhere from 1 day to 1 year depending on your notoriety, wealth, and importance.Shopping in mage tech is done entirely from a giant vending machine. As many of the vendors are very competitive this giant vending machine offers every possible daily need and more.MageTech is the starting city for 90% of all Inventers, so many an Inventor is familiar with the sheer and utter chaos that resides there.
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