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Mynoa Homeland to the elves lies deep within the largest forest in the world At its center lies the great tree. Parent to all other known trees of life this tree stands over 1000 ft tall. In its branches live the elves.
This tree was thought to be destroyed in the first undead war. but many elves sacrificed themselves in order to return the tree to a seed which was carried by those who fled to safe haven
Few beings have ever entered the Elvin homeland other than elves.
Some of the Elvin population hold the God Mahong in low esteem for his and the upcoming Bahamauts role in the eradication of an undead army. Their methods we said to be ..less than environmentally friendly….
Of the more notable visitations that of Genji Sung at 15 years of age went into the forest and was said to do a great service for the Elves. His only reward was to ask to restart peaceful negations with Hydrafel. The Elves were so impressed by this young boys actions they not only gave him his request and sent an ambassador but also gifted him with Elvin favor. This favor would extend to any kin of his as well and should he or his kin require help he would only have to announce his name, or lineage and he would be guided to the Elvin courts .
This favor was called upon by his later daughter when fleeing from Komodo Sung due to a prophecy that her child would slay the now third of the three gods.
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