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New Haven
New Haven founded by jilted Captain James T Morgan is an effort to rebuild his lost kingdom, blamed the Empire for looting his lost city, and went  to the trouble of infiltrating the empire learning their technology. After stealing an airship, making off with at least 1 GSA and a small mech of his own design, Morgan built himself an army of miniature flying ships and copies of his own mech.
On the brink of his first attack the Empire made arrangements to discover not only his location but also his motivation. Upon discovering his motivation the Empire made Morgan an offer, to not only help him rebuild, but to return or equivilate any lost or stolen property, on condition that Morgan , being allowed to not only to keep what he had stolen on condition that he become an ally. Knowing when an offer couldn’t be refused, Captain Morgan accepted not only bringing peace but allowing him time and attention to the growing undead war and to search for the dracolich that was responsible for the destruction of his kingdom.
Morgan decided to build his city near the site of Old Safe Haven 
New Haven
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