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Shardonia is an ill-fated city with a strange beginning. Legends say that the city of  Shardonia was founded by a giant who got local lords to pay him to jump off  mountains in exchange for great sums of money. After much healing and time the giant ThunderShard raised enough money to build his city. ThunderShard held a great disdain for the Titans of old who, in few number, ruled over all of giant kind. After gaining much support from his fellow giants , he built the first giantish city. Everything was built to giant specifications.
The city dedicated itself to the elimination of undead when ever possible, though much of their efforts centralized around the city.
Shardonia became the target for many major undead battles and was even the location of a civil war. The leader of the time enlisted the help of the empire which ensured an absolute 0 casualties. It was after this war that a relatively unknown Empire became the more feared Empire of the Dragon.
Shardonia was destroyed and rebuilt several times  in its existence. At present the survivors of the last undead attack have made a history changing decision to aid the up coming new Bahamaut in the building of his City of Dragons.

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