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Sheer Shock Mountain

Sheershock Mountain
One of the more impressive mountainous bodies in Titania, Sheershock mountains gets its name from an event that took place during the Titan wars. Now it is home to a population of Kerdane, minotaurs. This Tribe of barbarians live off what the mountain provides. When not engaged in survival activities, the minotaurs of Sheershock engage in feats of strength and competitions in all manner of types with the most prominate and glorious being that of battle!. The minotaurs are ruled by a might is right mentality. Being Very high up the mountain slope the minotaurs consider it to be an honourable task to climb the mountain unaided by magic or tech. If one was to climb the mountain in this fashion and audience with the minotaur leader would surely be granted
Sheershock Mountains
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