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Shotakan oldest of all cities still standing today possesses the largest standin library to date. Home of the founders of Chi warriors this city is one of the few places known to train and breed dinosaurs. Among the more famous of these creatures is the dracosaur which act as excellent mounts.
Shotokan has long been the main source for training in the martial arts. As a result no other city can boast a higher population of chi warriors. This being the case many chi warriors are honor bound to permanently donate 1 or more Body Stat towards the permification of  dead magic zones. These  zones make up most of the defense against undead and no other city can boast of a larger area of this type.
Shotakans leader and founder ruled over Shotakan for almost 800 years. An extraordinarily long time for a human.
Wu Sung,  was the only known being to defeat Shang Sung  before his ascension to Godhood.
Wu Sung died a very old man defending his city against a great Daemon. His last action prevented a large meteor from destroying his city. He was able to redirect it into the large body of water near the city, but spent the last of his life energy doing so. His heroics served as an example for his people who then banded together to defeat the Daemon.
His successor was to be his son Jago who refused the role and  gave it up to Kodasai, an excelling Chi warrior at the time
Faced with his own inexperience and the traditions of the Shotakan Empire , Kodasai took over rule with an unsteady hand. Kodasai's wife bore him a pair of twin sons. One was to be like his father and was destined to defeat him in battle. The other was full of evil and destined for terrible things. Kodasai’s wife fled with the son she felt would rise to evil while leaving behind the other.
Unable to follow her he remained in his leader role to raise his remaining son. At a competition a few years later a Mananchi revealing himself to be Mahong challenged Kodasai for the right for non humans to train as chi warriors. Kodasai  refused the challenge initially and once pressed his guards placed themselves between the feisty little Mahong and their emperor. In a flash the Mananchi had defeated 10 of the Emperors most elite, at which point the young Kodasai was force to concede a battle.
In front of Kodasai’s son no less the strange and powerful Mananchi defeated the emperor Kodasai, and when questioned if now he would sanction the training of non humans the indignant Emperor replied no.
Enraged and determined to gain acceptance the mananchi ran off with the emperors son in order to train him with his own skills so that one day he would defeat the emperor with his own son.
Shotakan successfully defended itself against a large undead army at the infamous drop edge pass. A terrain advantage and rotation of troops allowed victory with air support from captain Morgan in the 2nd undead war.
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