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                   Comic section


This is where the comic section will be. Here a vote will be taken as to which comic should be worked on. Making a comic takes a lot of work so for now, only one at a time will be featured. Which one will you choose?



Three Smeods, the Empires Elite fighting mecha force, go off on a routine mission but something goes terribly wrong and only one member survives. This member must now deal with both the guilt of losing his fellow platoon members, his father's disappointment and the need to prove himself. Will vengence for his fallen comrades be enough?

            Frost Gate     Adventuring Company


Size is no way to judge this pint sized hero, join him in his epic quest to bring martial arts to the non humans, to unite psuaedos, travel with the upcoming Bahamaut, save dinosaurs, earn ammonisty from the Elves and much much more...

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