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Dead Tower
Dead Tower is a small trading post city between Shotokan and Hydrafel. Its inner keep is  heavily guarded while its outer perimeter is lined with farms. Beneath the city is a dungeon lair containing research materials for various types of undead. The city unofficially includes 4 towers with varying locations that act as secret bases for the necromancer Riga Morte, one of the cities co- founders. The inner city is defended by a small army of ogre bards who are trained in a powerful fire blast weapon. The city charges a tithe for trade and storage and is a welcome sight for those traveling to Hydrafel to Shotokan. Business has slowed in recent years due to dissolved trade relations between Hydrafel and Shotakan.
Dead Tower was almost the scene of a battle between the two neighbors but was narrowly avoided due to a message finding the right hands. King a warriel dragon and co founder of the city ran away after the near battle with many suspecting his involvement with the scandal.
Dead Tower
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