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                     The Ruins of Safe Haven



Safe Haven was built by a collection of most of  the sentient races during the first undead wars. It was founded on the ruins of an old Titan stronghold. Its purpose was to protect the surviving members of each race in communities divided by race type. Hoard , Fae, Humans and Dwarves being among the more common races found there. Safe haven was later attacked by a large Daemon summoned by Kamodo Sung. The destruction of the city later went on to become the cause for the founding of Hydrafel after Shotokan become overfull with refugees. The final blow to Safe Haven was sent during the 2nd undead war, in which the ploy to send countless demonic armies through portals in Safe Haven was thwarted by Shang Sung. In a last attempt to save the planet Shang Sung used all his power to destroy the portals buy focusing his emmence power through a giant Xendus that magnified his power. This act caused him to go into a coma for a century and tore the planet apart. When the dust settled the demonic threat was gone. Safe have was ground zero for this event.

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